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New Jighead: Ultimate Swim Jigheads. I have had this mold for 7 or 8 months, but just got caught up enough to modify the mold and add the jigheads to the website. Ultimate Swim Jighead
New Jighead: Wobble Jigheads. The mold came with some others in a lot purchase, since I had the mold, I decided to add the jigheads to the website. Wobble Jighead
Check out the Skirt Patterns Chart, for 2016 it now has over 400 skirt patterns in it. I also revised the Skirt Patterns file so that all of the skirt photos pop-up when the mouse cursor is over the thumbnail picture; much faster and easier to check them all out!Jig Skirts Picture
Here is the page for ordering Skirts only for those that want to put Elken Skirts on their own jigheads or spinnerbaits! Jig Skirts Picture
New style of Flipping Skirts added to the website for flipping / punching in heavy cover for big bass; check it out on the Flipping Skirt page. The new skirts have a shorter metal hub replacing the longer plastic hub formerly used.New style Flipping Skirt