Jighead Paint Color Charts

Powder Paint
Painted jigheads feature a high-quality powder paint that is oven-cured to ensure maximum hardness. The hook eyes are cleaned before curing to ensure usability. The painted jigheads come in a variety of colors, which can be viewed in the charts below:

Click on a jig paint color below to view a bigger image:

Plain – unpainted(P00) Paint
Plain -Unpainted
Black(P01) Paint
Black -Blue Flake(P02) Paint
Black -Blue Flake
Black -Red Flake(P39) Paint
Black -Red Flake
Brown Smoke(P03) Paint
Brown Smoke
Brown(P04) Paint
Pumpkinseed(P07) Paint
Root Beer(P05) Paint
Root Beer
Copperhead(P06) Paint
Gold(P32) Paint
Light Gold(P30) Paint
Light Gold
Green Pumpkin(P08) Paint
Green Pumpkin
Green Pumpkin -Red Flake (P40) Paint
Green Pumpkin
Red Flake (P40)
Dark Green Pumpkin(P09) Paint
Dark Green Pumpkin
Roadkill(P35) Paint
Green Gourd(P10) Paint
Green Gourd
Watermelon(P11) Paint
Watermelon-Red(P25) Paint
Watermelon -Red
Baby Bass(P12) Paint
Baby Bass
Dark Baby Bass(P23) Paint
Dark Baby Bass
Watermelon Pepper(P13) Paint
Watermelon Pepper
Green Chartreuse(P14) Paint
Green Chartreuse
Yellow Chartreuse(P27) Paint
Yellow Chartreuse
Yellow(P26) Paint
Glow Flame Orange(P15) Paint
Glow Flame Orange
Flor Orange(P38) Paint
Flourescent Orange
Pearl Pink(P33) Paint
Pearl Pink
Hot Pink(P16) Paint
Hot Pink
Red(P17) Paint
Raspberry(P36) Paint
Purple(P18) Paint
CandyBug (P29) Paint
Junebug(P19) Paint
Blue Smoke (P34) Paint
Blue Smoke
Blue (P28) Paint
Sapphire (P37) Paint
Dragonfly (P22) Paint
Gray Smoke(P24) Paint
Gray Smoke
Smoke Pearl(P20) Paint
Smoke Pearl
Silver(P31) Paint
Pearl White(P21) Paint
Pearl White

Glitter Paint
Clear powder paint with glitter can be used in place of regular jig paint for no extra cost. As an option, all Elken jigs and jigheads can have the clear powder paint with glitter added over the regular powder paint for an additional $0.18 per jig/jighead. Glitter colors available are shown in the chart below. Here are some examples of jigheads with glitter over regular powder paint:

Watermelon Jighead with Blue Glitter   Pumpkinseed Jighead with Green Glitter   Green Pumpkin Jighead with Purple Glitter

Click on a glitter paint color below to view a bigger image:

Holographic Gold Glitter (G01) Paint
Holographic Gold Glitter
Holographic Silver Glitter (G02) Paint
Holographic Silver Glitter
Firecracker Glitter (G03) Paint
Firecracker Glitter
Chartreuse Glitter (G04) Paint
Chartreuse Glitter
Green Glitter (G05) Paint
Green Glitter
Blue Glitter (G06) Paint
Blue Glitter
Purple Glitter (G07) Paint
Purple Glitter
Red Glitter (G08) Paint
Red Glitter
Orange Glitter (G09) Paint
Orange Glitter
Black Glitter (G10) Paint
Black Glitter

Two-Tone Paint
I can add a small contrasting color dot or head color to any painted jighead for $0.15; to add a full colored back or other accent large accent it will add $0.24.

Two-tone Paint  Trout Paint  Perch Paint

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