Jighead Information
All Elken jigheads feature sharp, quality hooks. Many of the jigheads use Matzuo Sickle hooks in either bronze or black nickel finish. These hooks are chemically sharpened and have a special design that helps hook fish and keep them hooked. This hook design excels in open-water fishing for smallmouth or largemouth bass, but the hooks are a little light for fishing in heavy cover. The one exception is the Heavy Wire Sickle Hook, which is fairly stout. Hooks used on other Elken Products or available for substitution are shown in the table below. I can usually substitute similar hooks on any jighead (upgraded hooks may add to jighead cost); example: most any of the 90° light wire hooks are interchangeable. I usually can’t substitute heavy wire hooks for light wire, but in a few molds it is possible. Any jighead using angled shank hooks will only take hooks with a similar angle: 60° hooks for 60° hooks, 28° hooks for 28° hooks, etc. The 45° hooks will work in most 60° molds. If you have a question about substituting hooks, please ask!

Jig Hook Chart

The plain jigheads are unpainted and feature bronze hooks in most cases. These jigheads are cost-effective to use in fishing situations where painted jigheads are not needed. Two examples are: tube jigheads where the jighead is inside the tube or when fishing snaggy water where an angler can go through a lot of jigheads. Some anglers like to buy plain jigheads and make their own jigs by painting the jigheads and adding skirts.

The painted jigheads feature a high-quality powder paint that is oven-cured to ensure maximum hardness. The hook eyes are cleaned before curing to ensure usability. The painted jigheads come in a variety of colors, which can be viewed here:

Paint Color Chart

Options on Orders
When ordering please include include pertinent information on options: on the jigheads with eyes you can choose between these colors: red holographic, silver holographic, gold holographic, and chartreuse holographic. On jigheads with fiber weedguards I have black, clear, brown and green pumpkin colors in the light (0.18" fibers) and medium (0.021" fibers) weedguards, and black, brown and red in the heavy (0.024" fibers) weedguards. If a customer doesn't specify, I will match weedguard colors to the jighead paint and put silver or gold holographic eyes on it. I can also add a glitter clear coat powder paint on top of the regular powder paint for added cost.

Weedguard and Eye Color Chart

Arkie Jighead Arkie Jighead Double-barb Ballhead Jighead Ball Jighead - Double Barb
Ballhead Jighead Ball Jighead Banana Jighead Banana Jighead
Bullet Jighead Bullet Jighead -Weedless Bullhead Jighead Bullhead Jighead
Darter Jighead Darter Jighead Erie Jighead Erie Jighead
Weedless Erie Jighead Erie Jighead -Weedless Finesse Spider Jighead Finesse Spider Jighead
Flateye Arkie Jighead Flat-Eye Arkie Jighead 45° Arkie Jighead 45° Arkie Jighead
Long Shank Football Jighead Long Jig Shank Football Jighead Weedless Football Jighead Weedless Football Jighead
Pro Football Jighead Pro Style Football Jighead Short Shnak Football Jighead Short Jig Shank Football Jighead
60 Degree Football Jighead 60° Football Jighead Weedless 60 degree Football Jighead 60° Weedless Football Jighead
45 degree Football Jighead 45° Wide Gap Football Jighead Weedless 45 degree Football Jighead 45° Weedless Wide Gap Football Jighead
Poison Tail Jighead Poison Tail Jighead Poison Tail Pro Jighead Poison Tail Pro Jighead
Slow Elk Jighead Slow Elk Jighead -Regular, Weedless and Flipping Slow Elk Pro Jighead Slow Elk Pro Jighead -Regular and Weedless
Standup Brush Jighead Weedless Standup Brush Jighead GraveDigger Jighead GraveDigger Jighead
Jig Worm JigheadJig Worm Jighead MinnowHead JigheadMinnowHead Jighead
Minnow Spin Minnow Spin Socket Eye JigheadSocket Eye Jighead
Spring-style Shakey Jighead Spring Style Shakey Jighead Wide Gap Spring-style Shakey Jighead Spring Style Wide Gap Shakey Jighead
Tube Jighead Tube Jighead Hook-style Shakey Jighead Hook Style Shakey Jighead
60 degree Tube Jighead 60° Tube Jighead Weedless Tube Jighead Weedless Tube Jighead
45 ° Tube Jighead 45° Tube Jighead Stupid Jighead Stupid Tube Jighead
Mini Wacky Jighead Mini Wacky Jighead Weedless Mini Wacky Jighead Weedless Mini Wacky Jighead
Wobble Jighead Wobble Jighead Wacky Jighead Wacky Jighead
Swinging Gate Jighead Swinging Gate Jighead Jika Rig Jika Rig
Ultimate Jighead Ultimate Swim Jighead Nerd Jighead Nerd Jighead

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